Word Press Photography challenge – Fun Fun Fun


                          Fun Fun Fun.


This Post is a Word Press challenge named Fun.  It is under the heading of Photography

Fun – Meaning Pleasure. An experience/Enjoyable Distraction

Synonym, for fun…… Enjoyable, Pleasant, Lively, Entertaining.



For this challenge, I have included a photograph of my Youngest son Michael.

He is at a Karaoke in Swansea with his mate Robert and his other mate Connor.


My boy really knows how to have fun and is usually The Life and soul of the party


mike n friends
My son Michael (hand on chest) having FUN!



Fun Makes time feel Shorter


images (1)
Time flies when you are having fun
Time is never wasted if you are enjoying your time having FUN



2 nov 2015

My son is in the back row, With a look of shock and one eye.





Another night out with the boys. You can never have to much fun.