A poem that i can relate to. I have spend my childhood and some of my adulthood being bullied. But now i refuse to be a victim or be bullied

Northern Nevermore

This poem is not about me personally but it’s just something I feel strongly about.

Image Courtesy: www.elkriver.k12.mn.us

School is supposed to be fun they say,
Yet I just spend my time trying to keep the tormentors at bay.
Always fearing the bullies around the corner,
Preying on those they deem a ‘Loner’.

Passing through the hallways trying to be a ghost,
Not to invoke the anger of those who boast,
About the pain and anguish they cause,
Not once do they think for a minute, pause.

Kicking and screaming I’m dragged to hell,
Always subjected to the same torturous cell.
While others tremble at the thought of murderers and thieves,
I fear the children you see playing under the trees.

They corner me in class, boisterous laugh,
Hoping to be saved by a winged seraph.
Can’t be brave anymore, waiting to be set loose,
Maybe I should heed the…

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Animal: A Beast of a Literary Magazine

"Snake" by  Eugene Buzuk; for more information, visit http://eugenebuzuk.deviantart.com/ “Snake” by Eugene Buzuk; for more information, visit http://eugenebuzuk.deviantart.com/

Snakeskin Snake

by Tyler Gillespie

I find a snake skin on granny’s fence.
Teacher says it’s bad luck
to take as mine,
so I leave it for the ants.

Cross-legged, I sit in her yard
to watch his old body.
I had heard an honest truth
only comes from a snake.

Black line divides dry grass.
I watch snake swallow my pet rabbit.
Beautiful snake, makes an oil ring around
my throat. Again, he sheds his skin

along fence. He smiles and says:
a thing will spoil, but you don’t throw it
out until it’s done.I ask him if he came home.
You can’t go back, so don’t you try.

My snake friend stands and unhinges jaw.
He nods. No teeth. Body bulges
with other men who have taken his offer.
I stand. How will I know when it’s…

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Many Children asks for a puppy growing up, but my son chose to have a snake which was named Colin. Here is a photo of my eldest son Kris with his snake.



The above snake is a corn snake and is also a type of rat snake which is known for its superior rodent hunting abilities.

Each year, more corn snakes are bred in captivity each year. Corn snakes are medium sized, non venomous constrictors that prefer to be active around dusk.

. Here is a few reasons was a snake is a good choice of pet. He has a great temperament as they are docile and easy to tame.

They are inquisitive and quite active. They rarely bite so are safe to have has pets, They are attractive and easy to look after.

Watching the snake feed and shedding his skin is fascinating. Our snake was forever escaping nut fortunately they grow to a manageable size of between four and five feet.