Poem – I am BLUE without you.

cryI Guess I am feeling Blue.

by Julie Richards

I guess I am feeling blue.

And I don’t know what to do.

I want to cry, but there are are no tears.

I want to scream, but there is no sound.

My body feels numb,

My heart aches, so unwanted and unloved.

I feel so lost in the darkness and stillness of the night.

The day is bright.

The sun is shining high in the sky.

The birds are singing so sweetly.

The children’s laughter fills the air, making the adults smile.

But My puzzled mind cannot hear.

As I am so lost deep in this world of my own

But in this world, there is nowhere to hide.

There is nowhere to run
I will die alone

I wrote this poem on the 15.5.1989


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