Christmas Writing Prompt answer #1 – Last Christmas

Christmas Writing Prompt #1 is called ‘Last Christmas’ and it asks you to share your memories of last Christmas.

Source: Christmas Writing Prompt answer #1 – Last Christmas.

Last Christmas I was counting the days leading up to Christmas.

I  was excited and looking forward to sharing my time with my eldest son and his girlfriend. But what I was looking forward to the most was sharing the fun and joys of Christmas with My grandson.

It was to be his first Christmas. The Christmas gifts were beginning to pile as the days drew closer.

I wondered if I would manage to take all the gifts to the train station and then transport them to my grandson’s home.

A sample of gifts for my grandson


But this was just a dream

But sadly I spent Christmas alone, screaming in physical and emotional pain. I felt guilty that I had let my family down. I felt so sad that I would not see the wicked smile off my grandson when he opened his gifts.

Heavily dosed on strong painkillers, the hours merged into days, while Christmas celebrations around the world continued
without me.

Although I enjoyed my time with my family in January, the Christmas spirit was gone, so too had my dad who had passed away. So I had to visit with sadness in my heart.


His first gift was the train I bought. He has spent many hours playing with this gift.


I used to love Christmas. My home was decorated like Santa’s grotto.
Christmas music would play in the background, presents piling high. I believe Children bring the magic of Christmas while time spent alone, it’s just another day.

Merry Christmas to all who read this post. I hope your Christmas is filled with lots of laughter, fun and love


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