A special baby boy has arrived.



A baby boy entered this world on February third in the Netherland. And he is named Jack Joshua. I have not met this little one yet, but already I am his Nanna. I get to meet him and give him lots of cuddles on the 16th of this month. This will be my first time to travel alone.

Why is he special? He is special because he is my grandson. Number two. He has a brother Max who was born in Cardiff Two years ago on the third of March 2015.


He looks so peaceful & contented.

And Here Is My first grandson Max. He also has a PhD in cuteness.

Here is a photograph when he was a baby.


and here he is On his birthday. March 3rd, 2017


Max is awesome, with a happy personality. he is always smiling. He used to make me laugh. I miss him so much since he moved to the Netherlands in November 2016


7 thoughts on “A special baby boy has arrived.

  1. Thanks for following me & liking my poem ” tonight I can cry” I saw the lovely comment that u left so thanks for ur kind words and readership. By the way you are right the kids have done PHD in cuteness lol give my love & blessings to these little angel of yours 😊


      1. Thanks for your kind words. to be honest I never write for to seek appreciation , I write with an objective of connecting with my lovely readers like u. U say that my writings touch your soul but frankly speaking that’s nothing compared to the way the unconditional love & overwhelming affection of my readers makes me feel. Do stay in touch friend looking forward to hearing from you in the near future 🙂


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