What animal or insect is your Spirit Guide?

My spirit guide – the Butterfly

What animal or insect is your Spirit Guide? Count yourself very lucky if this beautiful insect as chosen to journey with you to be your spirit guide. They are a spirit guide that guides you through imagination, & transformation,

If the butterfly has chosen you to flutter beside on this journey, it is here to teach you to retain your sense of wonder and imagination. The butterfly wants you to create beauty in your life and the lives of others and to look for miracles in the smallest of places. She wants you to awaken to the magic that surrounds you. She will whisper to you to open your eyes and see the beauty and miracles that surround you.

The Butterfly Symbol

The Butterfly is a symbol of change, joy and love, & metamorphosis.

The Butterfly is a powerful symbol of myth and religion.

For Early Christians, it represented the soul itself. The butterfly used to be thought of as the soul of the departed still lingering amongst the living. What a beautiful thought!

In China, it symbolised conjugal bliss and joy.

In Native American culture, the butterfly is a symbol of Metamorphosis and Transformation. The symbol of new life, letting go of cycles and finding true inner expression

American Indians call upon the butterfly for guidance in change, colour, and happiness.

Butterflies are messengers of the moment and come in a wide array of colours.

The butterfly is one of the most inspiring symbols of the animal kingdom, knowing precisely the time to leave the comfort and limitations of the cocoon flying freely into the world.

The Butterfly Dance

The “dance of the butterfly” can teach you not to take things so seriously. The butterfly has taste sensors on the front legs, enabling them to experience life through motion (dancing, walking).

Butterflies do not know the colour of their wings, but human eyes know how beautiful they are. We can see the intricate details of its wings and the vivid colours of some butterflies. Each one is beautiful in its own rights. No two butterflies can be compared to each one is different. Each one is special. Each one is beautiful.

The butterfly calls you to expand your awareness and spread your wings and call forth your inner joy. Let go of limitations and free yourself to express your own beauty within. Likewise, we don’t always see the good qualities that we possess, so we need to do some soul-searching. Listen to what others have to say as they already see how special you are.

Butterfly brings colour and lightness to your life. Color is an important part of our daily life and can affect how we respond to various situations. (you can read more about colour here.)

Change and Transformation

If you are going through changes or transitions in your life right now, study the butterfly to make these changes beneficial, joyful, and rewarding. All change is good – even if it may not seem so at the time. Change is what life is made of and is necessary to growth, and accomplishment.


The butterfly/Caterpillar’s wisdom includes:-

  • The power of the whirlwind
  • Reincarnation
  • Transformation
  • Transmutation
  • and magic.

When the butterfly appears to you as your Spirit Guide you will know this is a time of spiritual transition. Symbolic of moving from one place to the next, reaching higher, reaching outward to your goals and dreams. A time of self-discovery and rebirth. The butterfly shows the beauty within.

People who believe in spirit guides believe the butterfly to be a spirit that will continue in life in one form or another. The butterfly doesn’t die, just goes through different forms of metamorphosis  People who have butterflies as guides rarely fear death and some of the most likely to believe in such concepts as reincarnation

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Many Children asks for a puppy growing up, but my son chose to have a snake which was named Colin. Here is a photo of my eldest son Kris with his snake.



The above snake is a corn snake and is also a type of rat snake which is known for its superior rodent hunting abilities.

Each year, more corn snakes are bred in captivity each year. Corn snakes are medium sized, non venomous constrictors that prefer to be active around dusk.

. Here is a few reasons was a snake is a good choice of pet. He has a great temperament as they are docile and easy to tame.

They are inquisitive and quite active. They rarely bite so are safe to have has pets, They are attractive and easy to look after.

Watching the snake feed and shedding his skin is fascinating. Our snake was forever escaping nut fortunately they grow to a manageable size of between four and five feet.