Your Happiness Matters (1 min read)

Love and friendships should bring out your best qualities and make you grow, so you have positive self-esteem and confidence. If you spend more days unhappy than you do happy, then you are in the wrong relationship. or have the wrong set of friends.

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Written By Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Ola Oluwanifemi

Founder & Owner of: The Love Minds

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A lot of people prefer to remain in their relationship at the expense of their happiness. Some just think it’s gonna get better with time while some have accepted it as fate and they are living with it. I must tell you, “In everything you do, whether in your relationship, with your daily life, in your place of work, anywhere you find yourself, your happiness matters.” No one is destined to live an unhappy life neither is it fate for your relationship to be an unhappy one. What are you still doing in a relationship that only brings out the worst out of you? What are you still doing in a relationship that makes you shed tears like a baby? Also, what are…

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What I’ve Learned from Children, and You Can Too! (3 min read)

I love to see young children play, they are full 0f enthusiasm and highly spirited. I hate how parents, society sometimes break their spirit

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Written by Millionaire’s Digest Staff Member: Nina Medina

Founder & Owner of: The Happy Life 101

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I would define CHILDREN as the happiest creatures in the world. Oh, don’t you just envy their enthusiasm and high-spirits!

In my pondering, I realize that there are really some great things that we can learn from them- the actual simple reasons why they are always happy.

Here we go…

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Colours Of Memories 

A beautifully written poem

Wings Of Poetry

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Colours of memories
Are fading away
Our journey together
Is so short
Yet we let the ego win
And allow pride capture our heart!

The keeper of, records of our breathes
Is running his pen recording fast
Record of our time left here
Least he cares of wasted part
Yet we let the ego win
And allow pride capture our heart!

Let this ice sublime away
Let the love keep us warm
Reviving dead cold is necessary
Unless we want to live with corpse
Yet we let the ego win
And allow pride capture our heart!

Whyour soul should carry with
After leaving body this heavy load?
Before merging in ocean,every river
Leaves behind,heavy stones
Yet we let the ego win
And allow pride capture our heart!

If you can win your ego someday
And crush the pride to save the heart
Then come to…

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A special baby boy has arrived.


A baby boy entered this world on February third in the Netherland. And he is named Jack Joshua. I have not met this little one yet, but already I am his Nanna. I get to meet him and give him lots of cuddles on the 16th of this month. This will be my first time to travel alone.

Why is he special? He is special because he is my grandson. Number two. He has a brother Max who was born in Cardiff Two years ago on the third of March 2015.


He looks so peaceful & contented.

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Broken Mirror

A poem that describes the solitude life I lead written by Sobia in Simply Me

Simply Me

A silent cry, a silent tear, no one around to compel; see or hear.

Loneliness my companion, a strange friend indeed, that eats me away within, slowly; reminding me of my deficiency.

No knock or sound except of footsteps travelling another direction, I hear, I see, but stare in hope of a familiar face, a familiar body.

The darkness aids my estranged friend, both mocking my surroundings, and then at me.

I mourn at what was once mine, and now forever gone. I reminisce at the days of happiness, as I lay still, as I lay lost.

Closing my eyes to escape, what is before me, allowing the stars, allowing the sky to envelope me,
holding; hoping; that tomorrow; will bring a better day, a better me.


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Mind your words

Your words! Mind your words! Your words can land you in trouble; Your words can take you to the sky; Use them to find your way; Don’t use them to block your way; Yes! Mind your words; Let you…

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This post brought Gandi’s words to my thoughts: and these words are –

Keep your thoughts positive because your thoughts become your


Keep your words positive because your words become your


Keep your Behaviour positive because your behaviour becomes your


Keep your habits positive because your habits become your


Keep your habits positive because your habits become your